Facepalm meme

Facepalm is a typical gesture when someone put his hand on his face. It usually means “o my God, what have I seen”, but more often it means “o my God, what a nonsense have you said”. People may use this meme when they want to demonstrate a deep disappointment of the mental ability of the person. Nowadays facepalm meme is one of the most popular memes. Here you can find a great number of facepalm pictures that you can send to your friends. They will surely like these memes and you will be able to discuss them together.

Facepalm Meme

Facepalm memes
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Captain picard memes
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Face palm images

Facepalm Memes

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Facepalm pictures
Facepalm images
Captain picard facepalm memes
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Facepalm Picture

Picture of facepalm
Facepalm images
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Captain picard images

Face Palm Meme

Jean luc picard images
Face palm images
Facepalm pics
Facepalm images

Facepalm Image

One of the first examples of the usage of this meme were the photos of Jim Horn. Today all of us can use this meme in order to express our thoughts or impressions. If you want to hint your friend about some phrases or about some people, you can send him this meme. Using a facepalm image you can make funny jokes. If you see that someone tells something indecent, you can also send him this meme to demonstrate your attitude to his words.

Captain picard facepalm images
Extreme facepalm images
Picture of facepalm
Facepalm photos

Palm Face Meme

Picard photos
Captain picard photos
Jean luc picard photos
Face palm photos

Captain Picard Memes

This collection of Captain Picard memes will definitely entertain you and your friends, with the help of Picard meme you can remind some funny situation and laugh together. Enjoy these interesting Picard memes and let your friends see them also. Maybe in one of these pictures you will recognize yourself. You will surely like these memes.

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Picard Meme

Picture of facepalm
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Captain Picard Meme

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Facepalm pics
Facepalm pics

Facepalm Meme

If you are looking for something interesting on the Internet and you want to entertain yourself then these funny pictures are created for you. Facepalm meme is a very popular meme which you can use in your messages to your friends. You will not offend anyone by these memes because all the jokes are very funny.

Captain picard facepalm illustrations
Extreme facepalm illustrations
Picture of facepalm

Face Palm Image

Facepalm illustrations with captions
Captain picard illustrations with captions

Picard Facepalm Meme

Face palm pics with captions
Extreme facepalm illustrations with captions
Facepalm images with captions
Captain picard images with captions
Face palm images with captions

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