39 best suicide quotes ISuicide Quotes to Inspire Prevention

“What’s the point of continuing?”
“I need a break from livingg
“I feel trapped and need a way out”
“There is no future I want to live in”
Healing doesn’t
mean the damage
never existed.
It means the
damage no longer
Controls our lives.
The relationship between me and black clothes is love that can’t be explained.
I really just wanna be hugged tight
and kissed on the forehead while
being reassured that everything is
going to be ok.
Make ur heart the most beautiful
thing about you

suicide quotes

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“I need an escape from this cycle of
negative thoughts”
“Life is pointless now” (grief and loss)
“Sleep doesn’t give me the reliefI
need from my suffering”
Signs you’re actually making
progress in life, even if it
doesn’t feel like you are.
(a thread)
So many ppl from your past know a
version of u that no longer exists
Forgive yourself for not
being productive
because of your
Once somebody lies to meI really
cannot at them the same, that shit
make them look so ugly
My soulmate needs to hurry up and
meet me cos I need some excitement
in my life

suicide prevention quotes

I have a big family. My cousins, and my brother. We’ve all grown up together and we’ve all grown up together. When I was growing up there were definitely times I struggled with things like depression and suicide. Let’s talk a little about those sort of things, cause I think a lot of people do. In fact, I’m here to talk about, uh, suicide prevention.

Dear Suicidal Teens,
Suicide is a permanent solution to
a temporary problem. Sincerely, you
have so much to look forward to in
people always say “i know how you
feel”… no you really don’t.
It is not about too soon or too late,
just cannot be your fate!
You’re starting to care more about how you feel as opposed to what other people think. You’re no longer content to live a life designed to appease everyone but yourself. You’re realizing that you have to make decisions for your life, not your parent’s lives, not your friend’s lives, not your partner’s life, not your peers’ lives. When you stan stepping forward in your full truth, give people a chance to respond to you instead of just assuming how they’ll react. You can make a call about your
relationship from there.
“I need a break from reliving trauma”
“No one cares if Im alive”
“I am such a burden – my loved ones
would be better off without me”
“I want to stop suffering
does not define
your worth.
You are worth more than your trauma made you
You feel completely
“unsafe” in the world and
don’t know how you’ll get
through the next moment
This is why staying in bed is a
survival strategy – it’s the only
place they can achieve even a
small sense of comfort.
Please don’t judge them to be
“weak” for this

quotes about suicide

If you know someone who is facing suicide, you might ask how they can get help, or what they can do to stop it happening. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “If someone harms themselves why do they just do it?” The answer is “Because they do not feel like they can live anymore.”

Some of you still carry the wounds
of being mistreated by parents or
partners. I hope you know that not
everyone is annoyed with you, not
everyone is upset with you, not
everyone is rooting for you to fail.
Grant yourself the same kindness
you give to others.
You feel worthless and
have flooding negative
intrusive thoughts that tell
you the most horrible
things about yourself
This is why you should always
seek to empower those who
are suicidal and acknowledge
the good things they do
Not chasing anything
but a better life.
If you are scrolling through your
timeline trying to distract yourself from
something you don’t want to think
about, or you’re looking for a sign.
It’s going to be ok.
Just breathe.
You are alive and you matter.
i can’t promise a relationship without
arguments and differences, but all I
can say is that as long as you’re trying,
I’m staying. as long as you give me
reasons to hold on, I will hold on
because l want both of us to want this
to last, iloveyou baby
there is mental health and then there is
mental illness. There is a difference-
people love talking about yoga and
self-care days, but get uncomfortable
talking about blackouts, suicidal
thoughts, manic episodes ect – and
that’s the problem.
You feel like a burden and
like your loved ones would
actually, be better off
without you
This is why you should always be
kind and reassure them of just
how much they mean to you.
Please don’t shame or judge
their character negatively, this
will only strengthen these
negative thoughts
You feel intensely and
profoundly alone
This is why you should
always ma ke time for
those in a dark place and
listen empathetically
to their struggle
Fear of going to the
“what if they judge me”
“what if they push me to take
somethingl don’t want to take”
-“what if they keep me in”
“what if they call the police”
“what if they tell me some bad news
that I can’t handle”
“just generally feel so anxious going”
You look too good for a mf to be unsure
bout you,
remember that.
Everyone supports mental health until it becomes a burden for them.
The ‘crazy’ woman shouting on
the streets? She’s suffering from
The guy who always comes late for
work? He’s suffering from clinical
depression and can’t get out of bed.
Stop judging before knowing.

suicide awareness quotes

An unexpected death can affect anyone in any way. Even if you weren’t close to that person, losing a loved one can still be hard on any of us. Losing a loved one can also affect a loved one who may have been in a similar situation, or even a stranger who sees the death on the news. Suicide is simply an act of self-harm; however, there are different types of suicide, and each sub-types has different symptoms and signs.

Hate has 4 letters, so does Love.
Enemies has 7 letters, so does Friends.
Lying has 5 letters, so does Truth.
Negative has 8 letters, so does Positive.
Under has 5 lette, so does Above.
Cry has 3 letters, so does Joy.
Anger has 5 letters, so does HapPy
Right has 5 letters, so does Wrong.
Hurt has 4 letters, so does Heal.
It means life is like double edged sword..
so transform every negative side into an
aura of positivity.. We should choose the
better side of the life.
Love is when you are hurt like hell but you still miss the
person who hurt you.
Shit just hits harder at night…
My intentions are always gonna be pure,
no matter what life throws at me.
People who are obsessed with how
other people see them, bro just live
your life and enjoy it.
Look at you, no longer controlling
anything or anyone because you
understand that there are infinite
ways for the universe to bring you
what you want. Wisdom looks
good on you
I’m sorry I wasnt good enough, but I
It’s like your screaming and no one
can hear you..

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